Awesome Waterfall Swing

A perfectly timed swing that lets you swing through a waterfall without getting wet. Each swing seat  is controlled by a computer that stops the flow of water at the exact moment for the rider to pass under completely dry.

Water recirculates through 273 independently controlled solenoid valves at the top of the structure to create a wall of water. This water starts from a collection pool on the ground and is pumped up to a large pipe that feeds the solenoids. Sensors mounted on the swing set gather information about the angle and speed of each swing. That information is sent to a computer that predicts the action of the rider. The computer then creates a hole in the wall of water, allowing the rider to swing through without getting wet.

The Waterfall Swing is created by Mike O’Toole, Andrew Ratcliff, Ian Charnas, and Andrew Witte of the Brooklyn-based art and architecture firm Dash 7 Design. Watch the video below.


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