Eric Clapton’s Custom Ferrari SP12 EC

Ferrari builds a unique supercar for the legendary guitarist Eric Clapton. This special edition vehicle goes by the name Ferrari SP12 EC and was built in cooperation between Pininfarina and Ferrari’s special projects program. The initials SP stands for special project and EC stands for Eric Clapton.

The SP 12 EC is certainly the reflection of Clapton’s way of looking at things, and his automotive taste. This one-off Ferrari is actually a homage to the Ferrari BB 512i, a car with which the guitarist had the best time. Clapton says, ‘there’s nothing more precious in the world of Ferrari than having the opportunity to create and built your own version of Ferrari.

Eric Clapton is one of the handful of Ferrari clients to have a car built to his own personal specification, with an estimated price of $4.7 million dollar. The other custom ferrari’s includes the one-off Ferrari 599 GTO ‘SP Arya’ especially built by Ferrari for Dubai-based Indian businessman Cheerag Arya, who’s the eighth person to join the list of ultra-exclusive ‘SP’ edition Ferrari owners, after Eric Clapton and New York property magnate Peter Kalikov who got himself built the one-off Ferrari Superamerica 45.

via: Born Rich

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