Steve Jobs Predicts the Future

Young Steve Jobs holding iPhone

When Steve Jobs died, exactly a year ago today, public outpouring of grief throughout the world. Everyone in the Apple community expected his death and were profoundly sad when he died. And now people are taking time to reminisce on the Apple co-founder’s life.

Apple has lost an icon and a visionary that will never be replaced. Steve Jobs will do what it takes to turn ideas into reality. These are the kind of people we need in companies these days.

I read this article in the Huffington Post and I was absolutely amazed on what this guy is capable of doing. Its about a recorded speech that he made in 1983 at the International Design Conference in Aspen. Steve Jobs was talking about several modern innovations in technology. He talks about the early version of Google Street View that was made by MIT, predicting the iPad, and talking about the future of voice recognition (i.e. Siri). Its amazing, this guy is like a time traveler! Listen to his speech below.

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