Full Size Formula 1 Racing Car Simulator

The FMCG International Full Scale Formula 1 Simulator will give you the chance to experience the feeling of siting behind the wheels of a real Formula 1 race car.

The design team at FMCG International have been creating Formula 1 experiences from both full and half size simulators for years, and now they are bringing the experience to your home in the most realistic package available.

For starters you are seated in a Formula 1 car carbon fiber constructed body equipped with the essential details like Pirelli F1 racing tires, BBS wheels, and even a set of Brembo racing calipers just like the pros. Players are surrounded by three panoramic 23 inch monitors, a .51 digital surround sound speaker system to hear everything, and even a quick release F1 steering wheel. The Formula 1 Racing Car Simulator costs around $144,000.

via: HiConsumption

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