Awesome Cases for iPhone 5

Boombox Ghetto Blaster iPhone 5 Case

Apart from basic protection the Boombox Ghetto Blaster iPhone 5 Case adds the classic style from 80s. This illusive design of snap-on case fits perfectly to all the iPhone 5 models offered by different carriers. Available at Amazon for $18.50 and Etsy store at for $17.50.

Retro Calculator iPhone 5 Case

The Retro Calculator iPhone 5 Case is a silver metallic case with 2D image and plastic rim to keep your mobile device from standing out while adding a vintage look to your phone. The Retro Calculator is available at Zero Gravity for $25.

Holga Multi-Filter iPhone 5 Case

Holga Multi-Filter iPhone 5 Case features filters and lenses housed in rotary dial, which you can rotate to get desired effect out of 9 different filter for your iPhone 5 photography. The Holga iPhone 5 Filter Case is available in 5 colors including red red, blue, yellow, black and white, it cost around $30 at Amazon.

Cleave Aluminum Bumper iPhone 5 Case

DRACO V a high end iPhone 5 bumpers features pure aluminum. The aircraft grade aluminum cover manufactured with high precision 5 axis CNC process, provides best protection against scratches and damages. Inspired by modern car designs the aluminum casing fits perfect in iPhone 5 from all carriers. Available in Meteor Black, Graphite Gray, Astro Silver, Midnight Blue and Flare Red, it costs $90.

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