Hadith on Bottled Water in Australia

Australian water company Active organic spring water quoting Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith with each bottle of water. ”Do not waste water even if you were at a running stream 

Update: The bottle tags were created by the Macquarie University Muslim students Association in Sydney during the islamic awareness week, the water company had nothing to do with it.

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  2. I am disgusted and ashamed of the muslim students from Sydney who came up with this idea of atraching the label of the hadith to the bottle of water. You are a disgrace to the religion of islam. Didnt you think for once the label with the prophet’s name on would have been throw in the bin, on the floor, stepped on. How could you as a Muslim even thought of making this idea come to life next time add your dads name to the bottle of water ya joke as bitches.

      1. you’re the one that’s disgrace to Islam for being this savage in your approach. If you have a point you want to say, you should say it with kindness and intentions of making the world a better place not looking down on people.

    1. Important is to spread the words of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The right path. Think positive bro, dont be extremest..

      1. True.
        He talks as if the sanctity of Islam is saved only through apparent and full respect to the representations being on a piece of paper.
        The idea pretends that the prophet will be utterly dis-respected by his name tag ending in a bin or with his cartoon drawn but perhaps not quite as much through beheadings or enslaving of non-believers.
        He is talking about a prophet who didn’t contest when non-believers poured garbage on him off the roof of their houses while he walked in Mecca and he did not, not for once, protest.

    2. . Please don’t abuse. OTHERWISE you

    3. Haroon you are an A,hole
      You just look at the name not knowing what message is being conveyed to an entire continent
      Patwari ki nasal from pakistan

    4. Haroon Ali,

      Next time if you want to go overseas, just write your name on a card and send it to your destination, you will reach there. Bloody hell, writing the name of the prophet and putting in a rubbish bin will never harm your prophet.

  3. I am proud of seeing prophet’so hadith on water bottle. Lot of non Muslims will come to know about mohammad (be peace upon him) saying. Good job browse. May God bless you.

  4. Dear respected sir ,madam

    As salam o alikum

    I requested to you please remove water lable name Muhammad only give refranc hadees no#
    You are convey good massage any people’s but affter using bottle any person garbage .

    Thank you

    1. This is what is wrong with us. We have far, far bigger issues which demand our mental energies. This debate should not have been started. There are however, quoted instances where the Prophet, peace be upon him, was asked to rule on conflicting issues. He invariably supported what was of greater benefit to man. You can come to your own conclusions.

      1. This is a great message that every dawah group should use if they are distributing water bottles, they should if not planning to distribute free water bottles. Remember what prophet himself did at Hudabia, crossed ‘messenger of God’ from the treaty when others did not.

  5. That is amazing idea….spread the hadith with positive n convidence…Allah know your intentions and protect all of you and our country Australia..InshaaAllah

  6. Just do the good work according to your conscious and ignore the foolish and naive comments.

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