Inside McDonald’s Headquarters

The McDonald’s headquarters’ main office building in Oak Brook, Illinois. The main office building, called the C.O.B. — for Campus Office Building — is the mothership of McDonald’s.

The huge campus includes office buildings, a Hyatt hotel, and Hamburger University. Lets step inside the building where McDonald’s runs its global empire.

Famous McDonald’s quotes are found around the office. This one, from Ray Kroc, says “It’s not real until it’s in the restaurants.”

The carpeting is done in squares so that when there’s a spill, they can just remove the affected square without having to tear everything up.

The conference rooms are named after important people in McDonald’s history. This one’s the Fred Room — for former CEO Fred Turner.

Each of the main “streets” in the building are McDonald’s-themed too.

The Culinary Center is where the chefs test all sorts of potential products. The test kitchens are outfitted with all the equipment that you would find a regular McDonald’s.

Chefs were hard at work trying to figure out the next big thing.

This is the Campus Arch — the building’s one cafeteria.

Outside the Arch there’s some company paraphernalia on display.

Like this jersey from the Olympics. McDonald’s was a big sponsor.

Drink stations are found throughout the building, complete with fountain drinks.

via: Business Insider

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