Japan Unveils World’s Fastest Levitating Train

Japan unveils a prototype Maglev Train this week, designed to reach top speed of 500 Km/h (310 Mp/h) by using magnetic levitation. The train is operated by the Central Japan Railway Company and Railway Technical Research Institute.

Maglev trains operate via magnetic levitation. Powerful electromagnets are used to propel the train along its track, making the trains quieter and smoother, and also requiring no fuel to run. They’re also considered to be quite safe, since they cannot leave their tracks.

The JR-Maglev MLX01 broke the world record in 2003, which reached a top speed of 581km/h, but those speeds are not practical for commercial purposes.

Central Japan Railway Co hopes to have the L0 Series up and running by 2027, with the capacity to carry 92 passengers across 14 carriages.

via: Cnet


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