Hello Everybody!

Hello Everybody amani

Hello to all the beautiful Q8 ALL IN ONE Blog readers 🙂 I’m super excited to start my journey with all of you and I’m honored that I was chosen to join the q8 all in one blog team.

As you all know I have a blog that is totally different then other blogs in Kuwait it’s all about my experiences raising my two teenage kids and the challenges and the problems I face being a single and a young mom 🙂 Having this chance is great because I get to show people my other side, the me side not the mommy side! Don’t worry I’m not gonna be writing about baby tommy aches, kids sleeping tips and teenagers behavior hahaha I seriously can’t wait to write my first post and I would love to thank the person that made this happen 🙂 I hope you all enjoy the ride with us xxx


Amani Al.kanadri

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