Introducing a New Team Member


It’s a great pleasure to introduce a new member to the blog’s panel of authors. I can’t tell you how great it makes me feel to have her here. Her name is Amani Al-Kandari and she is a very talented blogger with a vibrant personality. She also has an awesome blog called Blessed with Two where she blogs about her daily thoughts, experiences and mostly her personal life.

Some of you might have thought that I am not spending that much time on the blog like I used to. Well you’re kind of right, but this time inshallah is going to be different. I will step a side for a while and give charge to some new bloggers who are very determined to make big changes to the blog.

I am also working on some really exciting changes to the blog, coming soon inshallah 🙂


  1. That great to have another blogger supporting you my best friend. i hope you both could create great team and different kind of bloggers like how we all get used to them 😉

    don’t change your way of blogging or your awesome subjects. its ok to add some subjects belong to family or women little bit more but keep it “unisex” because in my opinion your blog not only for men even ladies can read and this is why your blog is the best in my opinion (with all respect to the rest)

    Keep it up bro, big welcome to Amani in Q8allinone, and i cant wait for the new surprises 🙂

    1. Inshalla I will not change my way because I know that most of the blog readers like these subjects. Thank you very much for your kind words bro 🙂

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