Ascia: Why is she so popular?

Ascia: Why is she so popular?

Well, you have all seen Ascia or heard about her, the girl that started that Turban Hijab style! The fashion DIVA that got so famous for simply being different! She’s a stylist, a blogger and has over 280k followers on Instagram, why do you guys think so? Is it really because people love to read her blog and because she writes interesting posts? Or is it because she is so open about her life and people are so nosy they just wanna know what’s going on in other people’s lives? Or is it because of her Hijab style? I have seen her blog it’s all pictures of her and her husband in different outfits in different places is she really Kuwait’s fashion icon!!

The thing that I don’t understand that a lot of her followers attack her! Then why follow? If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything!!

The question here is, why do you think Ascia became this famous??


  1. أتوقع إن الشهرة شي يجي بدون اسباب بدليل إن شخص مثل شعبان عبدالرحيم أشتهر !!!!

    وكمان مث عندنا في السعودية بدر زيدان الغامدي .. صاير هو بطل كييك ..
    واللي يسبون فيه أكثر من اللي معجبين !!!
    أنا أتوقع إن الإعلام الجديد ومنصات التواصل أعطت الفرصة لكل إنسان إنه يشتهر ..

    ومثل ما عرفت إنها الحين دخلت في الموضوع بزنس يعني تقبض 400 دينار عشان الصور وعبر مؤسسة غالية !!

    وكون الناس تسبها أو تهاجمها هذا الشي بيخلي أسهمها في العالي ..

    الله يوفق كل مجتهد ويعطيه على قد نيته يارب ..

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and yes I do agree that a lot of people do get famouse from other people’s hates, bad comments, likes, admiration’s and so on!!
      Allah eywafeg elkil 😉

  2. هي مجرد صورة صنعتها شركه غاليه لجذب الشركات و تعزيز اسمها بين شركات التواصل الاجتماعي و اختاروها بالذات لانها راح تثير جدل كبير و تكون حديث الناس و البنات و المشكله ان كل المواقع تمدحها و لو سألتهوم ليش محد يعلق او يرد مع العلم ان جزء كبير من متابعينها وهميين يمكن لاي شخص ان يشتري متابعين

  3. Not even I know the answer to the question you posed. But I will say this: nothing happens over night. It takes a good amount of hard work to gain the eye of people and therein find yourself in a position of an “influencer.” I do not categorize myself as famous. Numbers on Instagram do not necessarily mean fame. I consider myself well-known in the Middle East as one of the first personal style bloggers. The reason I have been blessed with the followers is due to the fact that I brought something to our area that has been very popular in an international market. Chiara of The Blonde Salad, Rumi of Fashion Toast, Tavi of The Style Rookie all offer an insight into fashion that is more personal. I tried to do that for Kuwait. It has now changed, molded, and grown into something I never expected to have ever happened.

    As for discussions on my advertising, it comes with the territory of having numbers backing your work. However, my advertising doesn’t always include small businesses that need the exposure. I myself am a small business owner. When I first began, I would have loved the exposure a well-known blogger could have given me. I do that for nothing, because I feel their drive, passion, and thirst for success.

    Hope that clears things up from my end!

    All the very best,


      1. I personally new blogger and I would expect other blogers to be happy and supportive or at least not attacking me!

        That’s been said, It’s obviously why Ascia is famous!
        If you say anyother name I might understand!

        How about the fact that she is
        Fashion icon?
        Amazing stylest?
        Beautiful model?
        Turban fashionista?

        I remember the first time I saw her instgram page I opened my mouth wide open on how gorgous her styles are! And how elegant, unique, beautiful girl she is!

        I don’t think you need more explanation..

        Your reply to ascia describing her as a keweiti fashion diva!! contradicting yourself! And shows you want to be famous by bringing her into this..

        The only thing I would live from ascia to clarify for us her fans, is it true that fashion companies hiring her to model for them? She never style her clothes?? That would be a dissapointment really.. I really hoped she answered you on that claim.. And I would live to see her comment on that..

        Wishing everybody success,


    1. got some really rattling questions for so said influencer! “thats funny 😀 ”
      (1) What do you do at Ghalia technology? what that company do in the first place?
      (2) Did you bought followers?
      (3) Are you KBS?? “a blog called Kuwait Blogs Sucks”

      1. Not sure how those are meant to be rattling, but I’ll answer all the same. At Ghaliah Tech I work with companies on their social media presence. It is completely separate from me as a blogger. Your second question, no. Never. The proof to back me is in my likes and comment responses. I have good interaction, those who buy followers do not. Third, no. That’s a ridiculous blog. I’m non-confrontational. And a very positive person! I don’t spread such useless negativity. Thanks for your questions!

    2. You have god’s blessings Ascia, we only clearly see that in some people. The saying ‘ if god be with us, who can be against us?’ is worth mentioning here

  4. This is going to sound completely strange but , she is so real.You can almost feel the energy radiating off her. She’s one of those very few people who are impossible to hate . Unbelievably sweet and well raised . Which is something you definitely don’t see often these days .

  5. Well all i have to say that she is different, successful , famous and real blogger by her hard work not like most of the bloggers (Copy / Paste) material and always on front line to get exposure and criticizing the other fellow blogger.

  6. I don’t follow Ascia obsessively, but I find her style refreshing and smile infectious. There’s just a good vibe about her and I find that appealing. Would love to meet her if I ever get to Kuwait or if she comes to see Cape Town, South Africa someday 🙂

  7. Courtesy Instagram.I have never really seen an arab woman fashion bloggin or having a personal blog.Its good to see someone out there taking such bold steps.All I know is in middle eastern & other eastern countries women don’t get the luxury of expressing themselves so freely.But after visiting uae I think very highly of the arabs.Even though I would not like to visit saudi.Keep up the good work.Arab women are pretty!! May peace prevail

    1. Yes Instagram plays a big role in everything these days!
      Things changed and Arab women can be open and free about their lives more nowadays and props for all that do 😉
      Thank you for sharing

      1. haha definately. I like Ascia’s head gears. They are most fascinating.Masha allah!! Even wore the regular ones myself in the desert & cities. But,couldnt find the kind she’s wearing.However now i have these pictures available online and can easilly ask friends to find it for me there.

  8. I am someone who welcomes someone like Ascia, for her passion to enhance fashion within the boundaries, I usually do not see what fashion is good and bad for women, some look good some don’t, but with Ascia’s fashion, it’s all just pleasing to the eye. I totally agree with an above comment, she is well raised, composed and positive, also knows how to respond to hate! Allah has blessed her with a real smile. God bless!

  9. I don’t know why she’s famous but 1. There are plenty of people who are famous for doing a lot less 2. I don’t care why I’m just happy I stumbled upon her! I am a Spanish American feminist woman married to a Palestinian/Egyptian Muslim man. We have debated many times pieces and Ascia really helped me gain insight into the fashion Arab world. Her style and community work are impressive and inspiring. I use her Instagram photos as a guideline for when we go to the Middle East to visit family and some while I’m at home in New York. Ascia, thank you for all your unknown help for myself and the women around the world. Your one of a kind and thanks for letting us into your fashion happy brain of yours!!

  10. Heyy Ascia ,i lyk u so very much .u r a real style diva ,if i ever been to Kuwait i would luv to meet u first of all..
    love from Pakistan 🙂

  11. n yea i jst frgot to answer wat u hv i think she is famous bcuz she has brought sumthng new ,nt jst to Kuwait bt to all hijabiis..she brought islamic fashion in a modern way.

  12. she’s the one who brought the Turban Hijab style to Kuwaitis but the turban Hijab style was known a few years ago in Saudi(When they travel outside).

  13. Ascia I would love to know what inspires your style and sense of dress. You’re so different, but in a good way. How do you think out of the box like that. I’m from South Africa, and yes, we know about you here…lol!! You style here is quite popular, expensive…lol…but really inspiring. Unique head scarf styles are a big thing here and following your sense of dress really makes it easier to be fashionable but still in a decent and appropriate way.

    Love love love and congrats on your success.

    Laaiqah – CAPE TOWN SA.

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