The New 2013 Startech Range Rover

2013 Startech Range Rover

STARTECH has released the first details about their upcoming tuning program for the new 2013 Range Rover at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The STARTECH is a company in the BRABUS Group, offers a sporty elegant design program and custom tailored STARTECH 22-inch wheels in two different designs. In addition, the product portfolio of attractive options also includes a ride-height lowering by about 30 millimeters, engine tuning, a sport exhaust system with electronic sound management and custom interior options.

2013 Startech Range Rover 2

The Range Rover has been equipped with a new front fascia that has an integrated spoiler, LED daytime running lights and LED fog lights. The SUV also has a new front bumper, replacing the production bumper giving the SUV a more striking and more dynamic front. And its integrated spoiler reduces lift on the front axle at high speeds, thus optimizing directional stability.

2013 Startech Range Rover 3

The STARTECH suspension module intervenes in the controls of the air suspension system of the Range Rover and its setting for on-road operations permits a ride-height lowering by about 30 millimeters. The lowered center of gravity makes vehicle handling even safer and more agile. When stationary or in off-road mode, the vehicle remains at the production ride height.

2013 Startech Range Rover 4

For more performance, the SD 30S package enables the 3.0-liter LR-TDV6 diesel engine to produce 300 HP (221 kW) and 685 Nm (505 lb-ft) of torque – an increase of 42 HP (31 kW) and 85 Nm (63 lb-ft). As a result, acceleration from 0-100 km/h arrives in 7.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 220 km/h (137 mph).

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2013 Startech Range Rover 6

2013 Startech Range Rover 7

2013 Startech Range Rover 8

via: Brabus Media Club

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