Warning Labels for Energy Drinks in Kuwait

Warning Labels for Energy Drinks in Kuwait

I remember when Power Horse came to Kuwait mmm maybe 10 or 9 years ago I used to drink 3 or 4 a day!! Yes I was super addictive to it, I don’t really know if they gave me energy or I just liked drinking them! I remember everyday after my hour walk I had to have one it refreshed me big time!! Then when I started my diet I had to stop and go to Red Bull sugar free and I had to cut back to one can a day! But that was to much as well, I still drink it but now not daily!

What really drove me crazy is when I saw kids walking around drinking Red Bull, Monster, Power Horse or any energy drink! In the past, you walk in any super market you see all kinds of energy drinks and no restrictions on them! Lately, Sultan Center and some Co-op put a warning label that says “energy drinks only allowed for 16 and above”!! And thats for Red Bull only. I think that all energy drinks should have a health warning labels on them just like cigarettes. Some people may think that it wont help, but at least it can have beneficial effects, including raising awareness of potential health risks.

Energy Drinks have become the big thing lately we have so many different drinks! But the question here is: Do they really give us energy? Or are they simply just addictive?

Warning Labels for Energy Drinks in Kuwait 2

Warning Labels for Energy Drinks in Kuwait 3


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