Can Blood Type Change Over Time?

Can Blood Type Change Over Time

Is it possible that your blood type change like from type O to type B? Well, this is what happened when I took my driver to the Health Clinic to take his blood type test for his new Civil ID card. He has was an O+ for his whole life, and no they are telling me that he is a B+!! The nurse who did the test said to me there was nothing wrong with the test and that I should go to the blood bank and do another test for more accurate result.

So I did what she suggested and went to the blood bank to redo the test again and guess what the result was? It came with a B+ again. I was unable to comprehend how his blood type could change. This is crazy there is no way that this could be possible!

Can blood type change over time? or do you think maybe his first test was done wrong?


  1. The answer is No, blood type doesn’t change. He is very lucky that he didn’t need blood!

    Thats why we shouldn’t rely on one test result!!

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