Shisha Lounges Onboard Emirates A380 Fleet

Shisha Lounges Onboard Emirates A380 Fleet

Emirates Airlines announced that its planning to trial new shisha lounges aboard its Airbus A380 fleet. The passengers will be able to pre-order a shisha from the onboard menu while at their seat and retire to the lounge after the main meal.

The Dubai-based airline revealed that the lounges would be available to business and first class passengers on several of its long-haul routes flown using Airbus’ superjumbo, starting from next month.

Update: According to CNBC Arabiya, The Emirates has received several calls regarding smoking shisha onboard their A380 fights, which is not true and was denied by the company.

The Company is one of the first companies in the Middle East and the world that have banned smoking on board their flights, and will not allow or accept any type of smoking on board its fights.

via: Pan-Arabia Enquirer


  1. It would be nice to have shisha on a airplane because the smell is much acceptable than cigarette! 😉

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