Instagram: A Big Business Opportunity in Kuwait

Instagram A Big Business Opportunity in Kuwait

Over the past two years, Instagram has become a big business opportunity for Kuwaitis, selling anything and everything through the photo sharing app. It has become a very easy tool and a cheap way for small business owner, entrepreneurs and even big businesses to post photos of their products using their Instagram accounts as an online store.

You can advertise everything on Instagram. Most Kuwaiti home made businesses who own the social media account are now using the photo sharing app to successfully engage their brands. Some of these people have quit their full-time jobs to expand and concentrate on their home made businesses, to maybe one day open a store to sell their products, like Monkey Cookies with 117,795 followers.

Some users get paid by businesses just to eat at a restaurants or evaluate a product, like Ascia with 481,955 followers and Dalalid with 287,540 followers. It has become a way of making a living for most people over here.

As a Kuwaiti blogger who uses Instagram, If I post anything on my account other than food I get less likes, and thats probably why I don’t have so many followers, plus I don’t post daily photos as much. On the other hand, lets take Kuwait Foodie for example (I’ve been following him for quite a while), this guy has almost 16,809 followers. He takes beautiful shots of food from restaurants and cafes around Kuwait, and people love it. People in Kuwait crave food, thats one of the main reasons why restaurant businesses use Instagram.

The photo sharing app is no longer just a smartphone app, it has become one of the most important tools of marketing, not just in Kuwait. Big companies in the States like Gap started uploading video using the apps new 15 second video feature. Even productions companies started way before everyone to advertise for their upcoming movies by making a short video trailer.

The question here is.. What if instagram starts charging users a monthly rate?


  1. Totally agree with u.

    people post everything and anything on Instagram its like the new HABBA now. Most of those companies who have Instgram account dont even know how to manage it or even use it the right way take for example Ford, Porsch Cafe, Deer and Dear and the list go on and on.

    Since you mentioned Ascia and dalalid I would like to clarify that those r not reviewers they would post anything for the right amount of money not to mention those fake followers and fake comments which the company behind them post it on their pics as if they were written by real users.

    Instagram was a great app in my opinion for sharing beautiful pics and i started hating it ever since it became a new HABBA and people post their meals and stupid notes on it.

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