theQ: World’s First Social Camera

TheQ World’s First Social Camera

theQ is the world’s first social camera that uploads unlimited photos to the internet automatically, storing them online in theQ LAB. Even if there is no internet connection, the camera’s 2GB internal storage temporarily stores about 1000 shots. The camera can cope with any lighting conditions thanks to theQ ring flash, for indoor or outdoor photography.

The camera is very easy to use, it has only four buttons (Function), Save & Share, Shutter and Shutter with Flash. It’s waterproof and it comes in nine fun and vibrant colors – Aqua, Ketchup, It’s my Jam, Coffe Black, Mustard, Berry Fields, Ice Baby, Cupcake, and Peppermint.

theQ World’s First Social Camera 2

theQ camera is available for a retail price of  just $200. You can pre-order at the theQ camera website. Watch the video below.

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