Wild Animals Are Not Pets

Wild Animals Are Not Pets

Lately, I’ve noticed people driving around with lions and leopards in the backseat of their cars! It’s kinda cool to have them around, but let’s be honest these animals are not pets, they’re wild animals that deserve to be let go in nature! And the way I see it, they are super dangerous and unpredictable, therefore caution is necessary at all times.

From my point of view wild animals should not be allowed in homes or in streets! And if you are professional trainer that adore these kind of animals then you should have a legal permanent to have them around and they should be in a well prepared, highly secured environment.

We should not wait until the crises happens, we have to prevent problems before they occur. Because there’s always a risk of escape or human injury. The question is, why risk the lives of people and animals just because you think its cool to own one? Please share with us your opinion and what you think of having these wild animals as pets!

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