Coca-Cola Apologises For ‘You Retard’ Bottle Cap

Coca-Cola Apologises For 'You Retard' Bottle Cap

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola has apologized to a family after it found ‘You Retard’ message printed inside a bottle cap.

Blake Loates, from Alberta, Canada, found the offensive message after buying a bottle of Vitamin Water, which is owned by Coca-Cola Company. Blake then took a photo of the lid and its printed insult and sent it to her father, Doug Loates, who immediately penned a letter to the giant-firm.

In the letter, seen by the Huffington Post, he questioned the Coca-Cola board of director what they would do if they found ‘You Retard’ printed on the bottom of a bottle cap? Making reference to his most severely disabled daughter, Fiona, 11, he claims they too would be p*** if they had a child that needed extra care and then saw this on a bottle cap.

Coca-Cola said it is printing at random one French and one English word on the inside of each Vitamin Water cap. The word ‘retard’ in French means to be ‘late’ or ‘delayed’.

Shannon Denny, from Coca-Cola Refreshment Canada, said: “We did not mean to offend at all. We are certainly very apologetic for this oversight.”

The company says it now has a system in place to review words printed on the bottle caps, and says it has recalled the remaining products.

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