ParaShoot 2.0 HD Camera

ParaShoot 2.0 HD Camera

The ParaShoot 2.0 is a miniature HD camera with a 720p at 30 frames per second using H.264 encoding. The lens offers a 100-degree wide-angle field of view. Videos are stored on a microSD card, and charging is achieved via a micro USB cable and its also used to access data.

The camera is a compact square shaped device which is small enough to be worn around the neck, clipped on your belt or attached to a metal surface using a magnet mount, like on a refrigerator.

The ParaShoot 2.0 is a Kickstarter project which has successfully reached its goal of $30,000 with over $117,888, that more that 4 times the amount needed. If you’re interested, you can get the camera for a starting pledge price of $149 USD.

via: Slash Gear

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