Phonebloks: A Customizable Smartphone

Phonebloks A Customizable Smartphone

Designer Dave Hakkens, from The Netherlands, has come up with an idea that could keep us all on the cutting edge of technology. It’s a concept phone called Phonebloks, a modular smartphone that can be easily upgraded by the users.

The smartphone is made up of high-tech replaceable blocks, each of which lends a specific functionality to the base unit. Replacing a cracked screen for example, would be a simple one-minute DIY. You could also customize your Phoneblok to meet your specific needs, whether for a faster processor or a better camera.

Some of us throw out thousands of expensive and perfectly good smartphones every year. Prevent them from going to waste, if you like the idea, check out Dave’s video below. Visit Phonebloks website to show your support.

via: Dvice

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