A Possible Cure for Baldness

A Possible Cure for Baldness

A cure for baldness? A team of scientists in the U.S. and Britain may have taken a huge leap forward in finding a cure for baldness. And it would be more effective and useful to more people than current remedies like drugs or hair transplants.

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center has teamed up with University of Durham to generated new hair follicles that grow human hair for the first time ever.

Their plan was to start with material taken from the base of a hair and use it to grow many new hairs. The technique involved harvesting cells from the base of a human hair follicle, called the dermal papillae.  These cells were cloned in the laboratory and then implanted into human skin grafted to the back of a mouse.

According to lead researcher Angela Christiano, associate professor of molecular dermatology at Columbia, this discovery has the potential to “revolutionize” the medical treatment of hair loss.

Watch the video below of Professor Angela Christiano of Columbia University and Colin Jahoda of Durham University, UK, explain how they created new hair in human skin by culturing cells taken from the inside of hair follicles.

via: BBC News

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