Aeromobil Roadable Aircraft 2.5

Aeromobil Roadable Aircraft 2.5

You’re stuck in traffic and you wish that your car has wings to get you where you need to go. Well, dream no more! The Aeromobil roadable aircraft 2.5 is a sleek flying car that can solve your traffic jam nightmare.

The Aeromobil is created by co-founder and chief designer Štefan Klein, It fits into a standard-size parking space and can be fueled at any ordinary gas stations.

Like the Terrafugia Transition, the Aeromobil is more plane than car. After landing, the wings fold behind the cabin, along a boom that houses the propellor shaft.

The chassis is composed of a steel frame with carbon fiber bodywork. Aeromobil says its creation weighs 992 pounds empty. Maximum flying range is 430 miles, or 310 miles in driving mode. Watch the video below.

via: Digital Trends, Laughing Squid

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