Gorgeous Colorized Historical Photos

Mark Twain relaxing outside on what seems to be an autumn day.

An incredible collection of famous historic black and white photographs brought to life by Jordan Lloyd and Mads Madsen. The two professional colorists have combined their skills to create a remarkable series of color photographs from the American Civil War, and people of each era.

Both of them are highly skilled digital artists. You can see more of their work by going to Photo Chopshop and Colorized History. Some of those photos go back 150 years.

4 Union Officers reclining at Westover Landing in August of 1862, all 4 of them are cavalry men of the 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Colonel Henry R. Lee, an enlisted man, a General, and a Captain, possibly named Isaac. Taken 1922

Joseph Hooker mounted atop a horse sometime earlylate 1862.

Union Generals of the Valley Campaign lounging around on a summer day in 1864.

Union Captain Cunningham poses next to the command tent, August 1863

Taken in May 1936, Converse Country, Wyoming USA by Arthur Rothstein

Taken in July 1939, Gordonton, North Carolina, USA by Dorothea Lange

General Bradley laughing together with General Eisenhower, while seated in a jeep in a Normandy orchard


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