Nike Launches Nike+ FuelBand SE

Nike Launches Nike+ FuelBand SE

Nike has launched the new Nike+ Fuelband SE. The band is mostly the same, only with some color: it comes in yellow, pink, or red accenting and the original black body.

This new second-generation product has a similar design to the original version, with a rubberized band that fits snugly around the wrist comes in different sizes. The device is also sealed and waterproofed, making it usable in the shower.

Nike has also announced a pair of new iPhone apps: a more social version of its Nike+ Running app and the Nike Move app for the iPhone 5s

There’s still no Android or Windows Phone 8 support; only iOS and the Nike+ website. The new Nike+ FuelBand SE will be available for US$150 on November 6th, with pre-orders kicking off today.

Nike Launches Nike+ FuelBand SE 2


  1. Greetings

    I would like to know, How could the troubleshooting of the (First Generation) of Nile+Fuel Wristband to start to recharge again. It’s been like that since May of 2014.

    Well, when i plug it into the USB, I do see an image displaying a plug icon with two lines. I know that its a troubleshooting battery problem. But, I am not sure what do really do?

    Whenever I try to recharge the wristwatch, I am unable to do so. Is there a possible solution?


    1. All you need to do is to install the Nike fuel band program on your PC and connect the band to the PC and press the update button. Otherwise, if it continues to do it, then it might be a battery problem and you may need to replace it.

      1. Greetings again,

        Thank you for taking the time to answer the email. I wanted to know, that is it possible to replace the battery if I brought the wristband from London’s NikeTown Store . Since I might be changing the battery, do you know the best place to check out (that sells Nike Wristwatches and replaces batterers, etc. ) here in Kuwait. That would be even more helpful.

        Best wishes,

          1. Good Morning,

            Aha! yes that would be lovely. I did my homework, Like Sherlock. I doubt it as well.But Whats there to lose. Keep me posted. I would like to know, whom am I speaking to, in order to refer you by name.

            Thanks again

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