Starbucks Plans To Open Its First Tea Bar

Starbucks Planning To Open Its First Dedicated Tea Bar

It has been almost a year since Starbucks bought Teavana and they’re already planning on opening the first tea bar in New York City.

The Seattle-based company says Teavana Fine Teas + Teavana Tea Bar will serve sweets and other food including flatbreads, salads and small plates in a trendy, cafe-like setting.

The menu of food and freshly made drinks is a change for Teavana, a chain of about 300 shops that sell boxed and loose tea and accessories. Teavana stores are mainly in shopping malls, but Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said he plans to expand the footprint to include more locations in urban areas.

via: Daily Mail


  1. Hmmmm seems like Starbucks can’t stand the idea that I have quit coffee, and they have decided to open a brand new tea bar for me lol :p
    But I am not a big fan of tea anyways 😀

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