The Blind Boy Who Saw Without Eyes

Blind Boy Who Saw Without Eyes

The story of Ben Underwood, who despite being blind was able to map a detailed mental plan of his surroundings.

Ben was diagnosed with retinal blastoma—cancer in both eyes. He underwent chemotherapy and radiation. When treatments failed, it was clear that Ben had to have his eyes removed or lose his life. At the age of 3 doctors removed both of Ben’s eyes. His eyes were replaced with prosthetics.

Ben didn’t have a guide dog, nor a stick, and didn’t even use his hands to track his path. Instead, he developed something of a super sense. He was the only person in the world who navigates using the clicking noises with his tongue as he walks. As these clicks echo around him, he is able to draw up a detailed mental plan of his surroundings and adjust his direction accordingly.

Ben Underwood, who dazzled people all over the world with his amazing ability to “see” with sound, died at the age of 16, after a long battle with cancer.

One day his clicking techniques could be taught to other visually impaired people. Watch the below video documentary that was shot several years ago.

via: My Death Space

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