What If Celebrities Were From The Middle East

Al Pacino From Yeman

Have you ever wondered whatĀ celebritiesĀ like Al PacinoĀ and Keanu ReevesĀ would look likeĀ if they wereĀ from the Middle East, how would they look like inĀ traditional clothes?

TheĀ other day, I decided to collect some of theĀ high resolutionĀ photos with good contrast andĀ play aroundĀ with it inĀ Photoshop.Ā Here are some photos of celebrities wearing middle eastern traditional clothes.

There will be more Photoshopped photos of celebrities. So if you have other idea’s you’d like to share feel free to comment below, I’d like to get more feed back and suggestions.

Keanu Reeves From Kuwait

Robert Downey Jr. From Saudi Arabia

Kevin Costner From Ahwaz, Iran

Mark Ruffalo From Egypt

Zach Galifianakis From Saudi Arabia

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