Twin Sisters Find Each Other After 25 Years

Twin Sisters Find Each Other After 25 Years

Anais Bordier, 26, spotted Samantha Futerman on YouTube, only to discover they were both born in Seoul, South Korea on the same day.

The incredible story of Anais and Samantha who were born in Korea, and then adopted by families on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Anais, a French fashion design student, was taken to France by her adoptive parents, while Samantha, a Korean-American actress, was raised in New Jersey.

Samantha received a Facebook message from Anais who said that both of them were born on the same day in Seoul. Samantha opened Anais’s Facebook page, she was totally shocked by facial resemblance.

Twin Sisters Find Each Other After 25 Years 2

The pair say they have taken a DNA test to prove once and for all if they are sisters. Samantha started a Kickstarter page to fund a documentary to chronicle their first meeting and their subsequent adventures together. They say that have taken a DNA test, but have vowed only to reveal the result in their film documentary. Check out the video trailer below.

via: Daily Mail

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