Brazilian Bodybuilder With 29-Inch Biceps

Brazilian Bodybuilder With 29-Inch Biceps

Arlindo de Souza has grown a 29 Inch biceps – the biggest in Brazil – after injecting a cocktail of mineral Oil and Alcohol into his arms.

Brazilian Bodybuilder With 29-Inch Biceps 3

Brazilian Bodybuilder With 29-Inch Biceps 2

The 43-year-old’s Brazilian bodybuilder injected himself with the mixture for two months two years ago to make him the king of his competitive local gym in Olinda, Brazil. But using it can be incredibly dangerous and ‘oil’ injections have already claimed the life of his close friend, Paulinho. According to doctors, heavy users like Arlindo can develop multiple abscesses in the muscle tissue, which can lead to amputations and even death. Watch Arlindo in the video below.

In 2012, the Guinness Book of World Records announced that Moustafa Ismail an Egyptian bodybuilder with 31-inch biceps would be officially recognised for having the biggest in the world.

via: Huffington Post


  1. why are you promoting this…

    this is synthol..

    not because he worked out.. look at his forearms & the rest of his body compared to his ‘biceps’ hahaha what a joke

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