The Hoverboard, Is It Real or Fake?

The hoverboard, is it real

The hoverboard is finally here? Or is it just a big Internet hoax? A company called HUVr claims that the hoverboard has finally arrived, and they promise its real! In an attempt to make it even more believable they recently released a video with Christopher Lloyd (Doc from Back To The Future movie), introducing the Hoverboard to a group of athletes and celebrities floating around.

HUvr claims on its website that the hoverboards will hit the market in December 2014 with countdown clock to this date. The company already has more than 14,500 followers on Twitter and nearly 112,000 likes on Facebook, not to forget the video with over 5 million hits in less than 4 days.

I hate to break it up to you guys but I think its all a hoax. However, with Christopher Lloyd’s involvement in the video, alongside the DeLorean he arrives in, there is one possibility here that it might be a viral marketing stunt to promote the next Back To The Future 4 movie, don’t you think?


  1. Everything is possible. If there is a flying board then there should be a flying car! who knows :)

  2. it was actually made by the team of funny or die on youtube, but they erased the plans after it went viral.

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