Becoming Sumo: First Egyptian Sumo Wrestler

Becoming Sumo First Egyptian Sumo Wrestler

Abdelrahman Shalan, 21-year-old Egyptian, is the first professional sumo wrestler from Africa or the Arab region.

Ōsuna-arashi, whose chosen ring name translates into English as “great sandstorm”, rose quickly through the unsalaried ranks, gaining the interest of Japanese media and popularity among sumo fans. Ōsuna-arashi was promoted to the top tier makuuchi division for the November 2013 tournament.

Watch a short video below explores Abdelrahman’s daily life. The four-minute clip is part of a half-hour long film created for Red Bull Media House that available through the Red Bull TV App on Apple TV. Check out Abdelrahman Shalan aka Ōsuna-arashi  Facebook fan page.

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