CBK Unveils the New Kuwaiti Currency


The Central Bank of Kuwait unveiled the new sixth issue of Kuwaiti banknotes on Monday, May 19, 2014. The bank announced that the new issue will be in circulation from June 29, 2014.

As previously posted, the new banknotes will replace traditional paper notes with the plastic polymer €“polymer material”, which can survive heat, humidity and dust.

The Central Bank of Kuwait made a contract with De La Rue to print the new currency, taking into consideration aesthetic and security criteria by providing the optimal integration of all security features, and will have new and clear print with added new features for the visually impaired.

Each banknotes theme dictates its color. The KD 20 banknote’s main color is blue because the featured theme includes elements of Kuwait’s marine life. The KD 10 banknote’s strongest color is orange and light brown so as to reflect the desert theme that runs throughout the banknote. The remaining banknotes all feature one main color that mirrors the main theme of the banknote itself.

The launching of the new Kuwaiti Dinar banknotes into will not affect the validity of the current issue of the Kuwaiti Dinar banknotes, which will maintain its legal validity until an official decision to withdraw it from circulation is announced.

For more information about the new Kuwaiti banknotes click on Info. 1 and Info. 2.

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