Fast-Fix: A Home Service Windshield Glass Repair

Fast-Fix Windshield Glass Repair Home Service

Fast Fix is a windshield repair service at the comfort of your own home. Their technicians come to your home, your work or any other convenient location, where your car should be at.

You don’t need to be with your vehicle during glass repair, just hand them the keys to your vehicle so they can access the damage from the inside the windshield glass. It will take less than 30 minutes to repair your damaged glass.

Yesterday, I called Fast Fix to make an appointment to repair a 20 centimeters long crack in my windshield and to stops it from spreading any further. They arrived on time and did a good job fixing the damaged glass in no time.

To get clean results, don’t leave the damaged glass more than a day or two. The longer you leave it the harder it gets to minimizes the appearance of chips and cracks, because it will take longer for the solution to penetrate in the crack and give good results. Check out the before and after photo (last one below), about 75% of the damage is gone. Thats a week old crack.

Fast Fix prices are fair and reasonable compared to the competitors, plus you don’t have to drag yourself to Shuwaikh to get it fix. Fast Fix will also start with windshield replacement next month.

To schedule appointments you can call this number: 66566919 – Follow Fast-Fix on Instagram @fast_fix_

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  1. That’s great ! especially for us, girls ! where we need some one to take our car to the garage to get it fixed..thanks for the post. very helpful

  2. How much do u charge for repair… Because it should make sense… Replacement costs around 20kd…and if the repair is 10kd i might as well replace it..

  3. Good job done professionally by trained crew. KWD 4 is reasonable given the skill and neat execution of repair. Good service….

  4. The guys disagreed to come to the location and fix the glass.
    Instead asked us to go to their location.
    On the website also they mention they can fix it at our place.
    Misleading the customers.

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