Sarah Abushaar Addresses Harvard Commencement 2014

Sarah Abushaar Harvard University

There was a YouTube video circulating around about a girl giving a speech at Harvard University graduation ceremony. I was like who is this girl? And whats the big deal? And then I found out that she was born in the United States but was raised in Kuwait. Her Full name is Sarah Fahad Abushaar, her father is the general manager of Sheraton Hotel Kuwait, Fahad Abushaar who came to Kuwait in 1981 and has been living here ever since.

Harvard University administration has selected Sarah to address over 30,000 students, faculty, alumni, parents, and guests at the Harvard Commencement 2014 on Thursday. She gave a fabulous speech with confidence, and full of spunk. This girl will have a bright future because of her personality and artistic performances.

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  1. What a great commencement address. Fahed Abushaar must be so proud of her beautiful daughter Sarah ! All the best & Best regards for ex-colleague
    Fahed at Kuwait Sheraton Hotel !

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