The World First Multi-Barrel Water Pistol

Alex Bygrave With Water Pistol

Engineer Alex Bygrave, 27, has developed the first-ever multi-barrel water pistol from scratch, using 55 separate parts from everyday life. A black cab’s windscreen wiper provides its rotary motion and a walking pole handle makes the pump, with most of the parts fitted together using self-setting silicone rubber Sugru.

Water Pistol  long distances

Carbon Dioxide welding canisters are used to pressure two large fire extinguishers so the water can fire out long distances through the six barrels. The machine gun-style water pistol can shot with all six barrels from a distance of 12m (40ft).

Multi-Barrel Water Pistol

Surgru posted the DIY instructions for the water pistol on their blog. Watch the water pistol in action in video below.

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