Miito: A New Way Of Boiling Water

Miito A New Way Of Boiling Water

A Danish design studio Chudy and Grase have decided to reinvent the kettle, by creating ‘Miito’, an innovative metal rod and an induction plate that warms liquids directly within the vessels they are intended to be consumed from, rather than using an electric kettle. The idea aims to heat up the exact amount of liquid you want in one cup.

Miito A New Way Of Boiling Water 2

The rod is placed into a cup of liquid and an induction plate, which is used like a coaster. The base creates an electromagnetic field, causes the water around the rod to heat up, saving time and energy to make a cup of tea.

Miito A New Way Of Boiling Water 3

Chudy and Grase are now looking at ways of mass-producing their new invention, and hope to sell Mitto for around $130. Watch the video below.

via: Designboom

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