Relonch: A High Quality Pocket Camera For Your iPhone

Relonch iPhone  Pocket Camera

The Relonch is a camera module for the iPhone 5 and 6 that comes with an improved APS-C sensor and a fast prime lens.

The camera snaps onto an iPhone let users take high-end magazine quality photos. It also comes with an external battery pack for your phone, to help your phone stay charged if needed.

Relonch iPhone  Pocket Camera 2 Relonch iPhone  Pocket Camera 3

The current prototype model uses 1,024×1,024 pixels, or 1 megapixel, kind of like a lower-end SLR camera. The company has also created an app for shooting and instantly sharing photos via social networks.

Relonch iPhone  Pocket Camera 4

The company is looking to release the device in late 2015 with a retail price of $499 USD. Watch the video below to learn more about the product.

via: Laughing Squid

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