Smart Payment Card Aims To Replace Multiple Credit Cards

Plastc Touchscreen Cedit Card

Plastc is a touch-screen card that can replace your entire credit card collection with a single card. This electronic payment device is designed to fit in a wallet, like a traditional credit cards, and has a touchscreen E-Ink screen panel that displays a user’s image, signature, and all of the relevant information for different cards.

Plastc Touchscreen Cedit Card 2

The card has a notification system that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth that would notify you if it had been lost or stolen, and will remotely lock up and wipe your data until you get it back.

Plastc Touchscreen Cedit Card 3

The card will be available for pre-order and expects to begin shipping possibly in mid-year of 2015. Watch the video below for more information about the card.

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