Smoking Booths At The Avenues Mall

Smoking Booths Avenues Mall

Smokers are usually confined to enclosed areas, away from the Non-smokers, areas such as airports and other public places, otherwise to keep smokers away from smoke free zones.

As seen in the picture above, the Avenues Mall installed useless smoking booths which is intended for an outdoor use. The booth is wide open, with no doors, not even a ventilation system (air purification systems) to keep the smoke from spreading around the area.

The point of smoking booths or smoking shelters is to stop the smoke from reaching the Non-smokers. I don’t see the point of having them in mall and I think they will definitely go to waste because of its worthless design.


  1. Well seems you don’t smoke or never tried to go inside one of these smoking booths, right? because i’m a smoker and i always go and smoke inside it, its open because there’s a smart ventilation system that takes all smoke air inside a hidden shelves before you can see it with your own eyes which won’t allow it to go outside the booth, and yes there’s smart filtration unit too, please don’t write about something that you never experienced until you give it a try first!

    1. Would you be surprised if tell you that I am a smoker myself?! For almost 32 year! I’ve been in every smoking booth around the world, most of them in airports.. Thats why I hate traveling and I’m trying to quit but I can’t! 🙂

      I know how you feel when this damn thing makes you leave your house in a middle of the night to buy a pack or stand in a freezing cold weather to smoke one.

      As of the “smart filtration unit” which you mentioned in your comment, bro If there is a heavy use on the booth, I guarantee you it won’t last a week. What I am talking about is the heavy duty ventilation system which could suck a human body if it have to. A small fan in a hidden shelves or a ceiling won’t cut it! Plus, no one will bother stand in this booth because its a lot easier to pay for a cup of coffee a sit to enjoy it.

      I have great respect for both sides, smokers and non-smokers. If I have the right to smoke they have the right to breath. Even if I am in a smoking section and it bothered a non-smoker I will definitely put it off!

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