SOL Solar-Powered Laptop

SOL Solar-Powered Laptop

The SOL is the world’s first rugged, waterproof solar-powered laptop computer that runs entirely by the power of the sun.

The Laptop equipped with a detachable solar panel, which the developers claim will provide 10 hours of battery life after just two hours in the sun.

The SOLS (SuperSol) Laptop comes with an Intel Atom D2500 1.86 GHz Duo Core processor with an Intel 945GSE chipset. Users will have access to 320 GB of HDD storage as well as 2–4 GB of DDRIII SDRAM, depending on what the buyer chooses. It’s also fitted with a 3 MP front webcam along with two speakers and an internal mic for online video chats, plus inputs for USB 2.0, headphones, and HDMI, among others.

The SOL Solar-Powered Laptop will available in two models the SOLS US$579.50 and the SOL Marine $356.62.

SOL Solar-Powered Laptop 2 SOL Solar-Powered Laptop 3 SOL Solar-Powered Laptop 4 SOL Solar-Powered Laptop 5

via: Gizmag

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