Sony Wearable Waterproof Walkman

Sony NWZ-WS610 Walkman

The Sony wearable waterproof Walkman WS610 series now comes with Bluetooth wireless technology. It will give you an extra choice for your tunes by wirelessly listening to your music right from your smartphone while you’re jogging or working out, and will also come with a handy ring-type remote control that enables you to control music playback and accepting calls while you’re on the move.

Sony NWZ-WS610 Walkman 2 Sony NWZ-WS610 Walkman 3 Sony NWZ-WS610 Walkman Colors

This new Walkman comes with a 16GB of internal storage and selling for £170, while the WS613 offers just 4GB and sells for £130. Both are available in black, blue, and yellow colors. Watch the video below.

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