Japanese Levitating Maglev Train Reaches 500km/h

Japanese Levitating Maglev Train

For the first time, Japanese passengers have experienced the speed of super-fast Maglev Trains, during test runs for members of the public in central Japan. One hundred passengers were onboard the 42.8km (27 mile) trip between the cities of Uenohara and Fuefuki, reaching speeds of up to 500km/h (311mph).

The Central Japan Railway Company is running eight days of testing for the experimental maglev Shinkansen train on its test track in Yamanashi Prefecture.

The maglev trains are even faster than Japan’s famous bullet trains, which currently travel at about 320km/h (200mph). They use magnetic levitation, hence the name, to “float” above the train tracks.

In the video below, watch the passengers show extreme excitement as Maglev Train reaches top speed of 500km/h.

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