Red Bull Bar Bahr: A Unique Quad Bike And Jet Ski Relay Race

Motorcycle Race

The temperature on December 5th is expected to soar in Kuwait as Quad bikers and Jet Skiers will race head-to-head in the first ever Red Bull Bar Bahr event which will take place at the Khiran Pearl.

It is a unique motorsport relay race comprising of teams of two (one Jet Ski rider & one Quad Biker). The teams will race against each other on their high powered machines on specially constructed tracks on land and in the sea.

The contestants will be required to negotiate a challenging track of man-made obstacles such as ramps, mud, bumps and curves. The first quad racer crossing the finish line will hand his teammate the key of the jet-ski in order to start racing on the water.

Quad bikers wishing to take part in this event must have a driving license and own their quad bike while participants of the Jet Ski must possess a driving license from the Marine Sports Club of Kuwait.

Motorcycle Race 2 Jet Ski Racing 2 Jet Ski Racing

The event is organized by Basel Salem Al Sabah Motor Racing Club and is sponsored by Ford Middle East, Kawasaki Kuwait, Road Emergency, Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City and Public Authority for Youth & Sport.

First place winner will win a Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra LX. For registration and more information, please call: 66406020 or visit Red Bull Bar Bahr. Spectators are welcome to attend the two sections of the event free of charge.

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