World’s Largest Christmas Light Display

World's Largest Christmas Lights

David Richards from Australia set a new Guinness World Record for its Christmas lights on Thursday evening in Canberra, with more than a million LEDs switched on for the festive period.

It took lighting architects, designers, electrical and civil engineers months to plan and build the display in the Australian capital. With 1,194,380 lights making up a 3D image of three Christmas gifts spanning 3865m2, as well as tens of thousands of lights creating a magical backdrop, the display has transformed Canberra’s CBD into a festival of light to raise money for the charity SIDS and Kids ACT.

World's Largest Christmas Lights 2 Snowman Christmas Light Canberra Christmas Lights Display Sets World Record

Guinness World Records said Richards last year decorated his family home with 502,165 Christmas lights and reclaimed the title he first held in 2011.

The display will help raise money for a local charity supporting families who suffer a sudden infant death, or SIDS. Watch the video below.

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