Broon F8: Electric Supercar For Kids

Broon F8 Electric Car

South Korean company Hennes has recently launched their F8 series of Power Wheel-like supercars for children. Its a one-seater car designed for a five year old and might turn more heads than your typical affordable sedan on the road will.

Broon F8 Electric Car 2 Broon F8 Electric Car 3

For driver safety, There are bucket seats with four-point safety harnesses. The car boasts four-wheel drive, LED headlights, along with a Bluetooth remote control function, so you can drive the thing yourself. It even comes with a 7-inch Android tablet that serves as a dashboard and control panel for your kid.

Broon F8 Electric Car 4

The Broon F8 available on sale eBay and Amazon for around $1,000, depending on which model you choose. Watch the video below to learn more about the product.

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