Ferrari F50 Boat Floating in Venice

Wooden Ferrari F50 Boat In Venice

Livio De Marchi has spent five months carving a block of pine to create a working Ferrari F50 boat. The craftsman carefully carved the famous supercar logo, rims and brake lights into the wood and added a Yamaha boat engine to power it through the water.

Wooden Ferrari F50 Boat In Venice 2

The eye-catching vehicle, which weighs 2000 pounds, is a solitary motor in Venice’s waterways packed with gondolas, yachts and floating taxis.

Wooden Ferrari F50 Boat In Venice 3

Alongside the F50, De Marchi has a wooden Jag, a Beetle and a few other creative creations, which are all now on display at a museum in the United States. Watch his F50 in action in the video below.

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