Stray Dog Tortured To Death

Torturing Dogs

Unfortunate video shows a stray dog who has been tortured and killed by a psychotic driver in Saudi Arabia. The defenceless dog was crushed and ran over several times with a Toyota pickup truck.

The vicious attack was captured by the drivers partner who recorded the whole incident.

Update: Two Saudi men are facing jail after being convicted of deliberately killing a stray dog. Both face either jail or a fine of up to 500,000 SR (40,000 KD) for animal cruelty.


  1. The 2 criminals have been arrested in Saudi Arabia and face 5 years in prison and a large fine. Unlike Kuwait, Saudi Arabia has laws against torturing animals. Whereas in Kuwait, you can torture animals, post videos with your name, showing your civil ID and face, and no one can arrest you. Too bad Saudi Arabia doesn’t behead these evil, sadistic miscreants before they hurt a child.

  2. People are so retarded. It’s really sad.. they should punish people who torture animals just like laws against people who torture other PEOPLE! After all, it is MURDER..and souls are souls!
    My god! This really ticked me off and ruined my day..
    Poor doggy

  3. Retarded ISN’T an offensive term. And, I think they should have a life sentence. Not 5 years. I can’t believe they didn’t get a longer sentence. I’m an animal rights activist,vegetarian,and environmentalist and this makes me so unbelievably mad.

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