Drone Ambulance: Quickest Emergency Response Times

Drone Ambulance

Design firm Argodesign has come up with a design concept for a Drone Ambulance that is able to reach victims or injured people within precious life-saving minutes. Acting to reduce an estimated 1,000 ‘savable’ lives that are lost due to slow accident response times.

The one-person vehicle which is modeled after a standard quadcopter, would be driven by GPS, an aviator or a mixture of both. This idea would enable a single pilot to control a whole fleet remotely, and to take over the manual controls for difficult takeoffs and landings. The drone would be able to land almost anywhere at the scene, thanks to its footprint which is the size of a compact car, so that a patient could be loaded up and then flown back to hospital for further treatment.

Drone Ambulance 2 Drone Ambulance 3 Drone Ambulance 4

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