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Always shaping and being at the forefront of the latest music coming from the global music scene, the Red Bull Music Academy has hand selected some of the leading artists in the Middle East and Africa region and ties them into a two-day celebration of musical styles that features acts from the worlds two biggest exporters of music: The UK and the US. This tied in with Audio Kultur’s credo of being “The Voice of the Underground” makes for a truly memorable partnership.

Lebanon will host Red Bull Music Academy’s “Middle East Meets West” amalgam of sounds. It is this understanding of the musical landscape as well as the ability to program and curate such a line up that makes this two-day event taking place in Mar Mikhael, Beirut, the heart of the local Lebanese indie music scene, so special.

Friday the 27th features a diverse live music selection from the Middle East and Africa covering sounds from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and UAE. The night is set to feature The Wanton Bishops (LEB), Postcards (LEB), ETYEN (LEB), Za’ed Na’es (JOR), Zahed Sultan (KWT), Maryam Saleh // Zeid Hamdan (EGY//LEB), and Parallel Sound System (UAE)

Saturday the 28th features an international & regional DJ line-up of Daddy G – Massive Attack (UK), Nickodemus – Turntables on the Hudson (NYC), Captain Planet – Bastard Jazz (NYC), JC Pinto (UAE), and Rami O – Beirut’s Bright Side (LEB).

Red Bull Musicians Performing Musicians Performing

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